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I've posted about gaited dressage before, and encouraged y'all to look around on youtube. Then I went to look and found that, as with most things on youtube, there are good and bad examples out there. So I found a lovely Intro B test ridden by a trainer named Claudia Coombs. She is a champion of dressage for all horses no matter their career. cut for video embed )

I'll be on the lookout for more. I am hopeful that we see more gaited horses, and non-warmblood breeds coming up in dressage. Warmbloods are lovely (I have one), but there's no reason to exclude everybody else!
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I see we have a few people hanging around. Hello!

I hope that you have been out in the world riding, admiring, discussion, and learning about dressage! The basics of dressage can be used to ride any horse in any discipline. I know that use it every day on my dressage horses And on my trail horse.

Have you heard of gaited dressage? It's a new and growing part of the sport for gaited breeds. The basics remain the same, but they are shown in gait rather than at the traditional trot.

I know there is a lot of controversy about this idea. Personally, I think it's an exciting opportunity for dressage and horse enthusiasts alike. Did you know that there are many riders out there who are forced to ride gaited horses or no horse at all? The smooth motion of the flatfoot, foxtrot, curly shuffle, tolt, etc, allows people with joint problems to ride without the stress and pain of the bouncy trot.

Before you make up your mind, look around the internet and see what you come up with in videos of Tennessee Walkers in dressage. I think you'll be surprised. Come back, and tell us what you think!


Sep. 9th, 2010 09:46 am
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Hey all, a x-post between [community profile] dressage and [community profile] horses .

I'm a recent ljimigrant (clearly the technical term), and so I'm looking to make DW my official staple stop. I don't know how many people are from or have ever been on LJ, but their equestrian community is huge and very active. Honestly it's the main thing that keeps me checking LJ still. So, I'm hoping there will be interest in making DW's horse communities more active, and eventually maybe even grow into a comparable comm.

A bit about myself/horse, as that's always nice to have to boost participation...
I'm 23, been riding since I was 12. I own an 11-year old 18.1-hand Hanoverian/Thoroughbred gelding names Itolocus ("Toler"). We mostly do dressage these days, but some jumping as well. I dream of doing a little eventing with him, but we had a jumping accident two years ago during a lesson, so our jumping is very slow at getting back to where we were. I used to compete at local circuits in both dressage and jumper division, but don't have the money to right now. We've shown to second level, and, when we're not injured (oi), we're schooling third level. It comes and goes though, as I feel like every year we have a setback and need to retrain quite a bit.


May. 3rd, 2009 02:16 pm
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Hello! Welcome to [community profile] dressage!

This community should be a place to come and discuss the sport of dressage. What's new? Who's making a splash? What horses have you seen? What level do you ride/show? Do you show?

I hope that this can be a place to discuss questions about training or riding or horse care or anything else related.

have fun! and please be kind to one another! We are all at different levels of interest and different riding levels. Please remember that while you are reading and posting!


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